In a nutshell

Particulate matter (PM) pollution results in 4.2 million premature deaths annually. Identifying the chemical makeup, and sources of the aerosol pollution emissions is challenging and costly. Our patented technology offers the means to measure the exact chemical composition and source signatures, providing comprehensive and actionable information to allow data-driven policy making. We are equipped with a ready hardware and software product, and a comprehensive business plan to address what the WHO has singled as the “single largest environmental health risk” (WHO).

Problem Statement

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), aerosol pollution is a major health risk, responsible for 4.2 million premature deaths annually worldwide. One of the biggest challenges governments face when dealing with this issue is identifying the sources, makeup, and potential health effects of the emissions. Without this information, labs and environmental agencies cannot make the right decisions needed to improve air quality and protect global health.

Current methods of analysis tend to consider a limited range of contributors to aerosol pollution’s composition, relying on an array of tools. These instruments are expensive, require skilled labor to operate, and the analysis of the data can only be done by expert researchers, rendering any study of aerosol pollution both pricey and daunting.

Our Solution

AeroSpec’s patented and automated Aerosol InfraRed (AIR) Monitor can identify and quantify the aerosol pollution as well as analyze its chemical composition and source signatures. It is the first ever instrument enabling near-real-time infra-red spectroscopy of particulate matter, using a novel collector design! This is done automatically, thereby, reducing the cost and increasing the speed of the analysis. With the exact chemical composition of the pollution, including its potential source and health effects, our AIR monitor can provide comprehensive and actionable information, allowing data driven policy making.

Our Impact

Aerospec’s work will have direct and indirect imapct on six of the sustainable development goals, as laid out by the UN.

At the same time, we are ensuring a direct impact. We will set-aside a portion from every sale, towards making the PM measurements in a low-income country.

Why Us?

Our product has several key advantages – it is cost-effective and does not require any additional instrument to operate. The AIR monitor is protected under two separate patents. We have the technical expertise, scientific rigor and the foresight for establishing a scalable PM chemical composition monitoring solution.

Our Team

Nikunj Dudani

CEO, Co-founder

Satoshi Takahama

Scientific advisor,

Andrea Baccarini


Arthur Blaser

Product engineer, Business development


Sharon Morgan


Kamila Babayeva

Programming guru

Lydia Horwath

Scientific Collaborator

Lorenzo Comi


The Journey So Far

AeroSpec has already secured the trust of several potential customers. We have also received funding through grants and awards.

  • Grants

2022: Winners of the Innogrant at Startup unit, EPFL

2022: Winner of ‘Enabled by design’ grant from Startup unit, EPFL

2021: Innosuisse without implementation partner

  • Awards

2023: Winner Venture Kick Stage 2

2023: Winner Venture Kick Stage 1

2023: ‘Deep-tech pioneer’ at Hello-Tomorrow, Paris

2021: Winners of Innosuisse Business Concept, Lausanne

  • Highlights

Written letter of interests from 10 potential customers in all target markets and locations

Interviews with 30 potential customers to understand pain-points

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